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Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Scholarship List

Last updated 8/2005

Contact each scholarship provider for applications and details about updated requirements and deadlines


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CHECK your local Wells Fargo Bank for Scholarship Opportunities


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Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

634 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 629-2512

Fax: (213) 629-0830


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Writing Scholarship Essays

Now we're in the most anxiety-producing part of the application process - writing the essay response. We know that many people struggle with the writing process. We also know that the requirement to respond to an essay question that:

  • Might require research, e.g., the National Fire Sprinkler Association requires you to do research on a specific law then state an opinion.

Applying for Scholarships

What Makes a Highly Successful Scholarship Winner?


Review the following habits of scholarship winners for tips on how you can make your scholarship quest successful:


Always remember the five P's - Prior preparation prevents poor performance. Prepare for the scholarship search early. Do not wait until your senior year.


Do not rely on their parents to do all the work.


Hispanic Grant Offers

Regardless of the fact that the Hispanic population now outnumbers that of African Americans in the United States, the percentage of Hispanics that attend college at any level remains alarmingly imbalanced.


Not only do many college and university programs, especially four-year and graduate, remain quite lacking in diversity, but statistics overwhelmingly show that Hispanics receive less scholarship and grant money and those that do pursue education beyond high school often stop at a technical or two-year degree.


Hispanic Scholarship Recipients at Top Universities

Mariela Dabbah
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Mariela Dabbah, author, speaker and consultant interviewed several students during her recent presentation at the Latina Development and Empowerment conference organized by Latinas Unidas de Harvard.