El Futuro Session

02/18/2011 - 12:30pm
00/00/0 - 12:00am


Benito Juarez High School

Not open to outside participants.

El Futuro furthers both HACE’s work to strengthen the pipeline of Latino talent and the mission of DCCP, which is to equip students to successfully transition into post-secondary education, advanced career training or viable jobs with a meaningful career path.  To provide students with “real life” career exposure, HACE engages our local corporate partners to provide presentations, skill-building sessions, site visits, job shadowing, coaching and internship opportunities for students.  HACE has been working with Latinos to strengthen their careers for over a quarter-century and has unique relationships with multiple generations of Latino professionals in the Chicagoland area.  Another natural volunteer pool for this effort has been our corporate partners’ Hispanic Employee Network Groups, whose members are seeking ways to demonstrate leadership and to give back to their communities.  Volunteers represent a variety of professional pathways including IT, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Non-Profit Leadership, Health Professions, and Human Resources.