Zookeeper - Mammals (1340BR) in Illinois

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Schedule Details: This is a full-time position with rotating shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings.

Job Function and Responsibilities: We take PRIDE in every aspect of our operation, have an exciting, fast-paced work environment and family friendly atmosphere, and our employees enjoy a work environment that is based on respect, openness, cooperation, and involvement.  Employees are proud to work for the Chicago Zoological Society and are committed to our important conservation mission. This position includes all outdoor exhibits in all extremes of Chicago weather! This area boasts numerous animals currently involved in SSPs including Grevy’s zebra, addax, Przewalski’s horse, Southern Gerenuk, warthog, waterbuck, and okapi. This team has a long history of innovationand success and, in fact, was the site of the first okapi birth in North America in 1959and has had 27 successful births to date. Equid experience, ungulate hand-rearing experience, operant conditioning, capture and restraint, and hoof care skills, are a plus.   

As a Zookeeper in Mammals, you will, under close supervision, provide general care for animals and performs related work of maintaining buildings, grounds, and interpretives in assigned area. As a Zookeeper, you will also inform, assist, and direct guests as necessary. 

The successful candidate will be expected to prepare and distribute food as directed. Observe assigned animals closely, routinely, and objectively report to supervisor on their behavior,health, and welfare. Keep animal records as assigned.   Observe condition of assigned area(s), animal enclosures, and equipment. Monitor and clean public space(s), plants,and interpretives as assigned. Report maintenance needs. Perform minor maintenance tasks as assigned. Clean animal enclosures, pools, and service areas. Study specific reference materials about animals in assigned area. Read other zoological and husbandry texts as assigned. Perform routines of assigned areas and specialized procedures as directed. Monitor guests to insure animal and human safety and protection of Society property. Communicate with and assist guests. Take initiative to facilitate guests’ appreciation of animals and enjoyment of their visit. Demonstrate knowledge of and implement Society-wide and area emergency procedures as directed. Other related duties as assigned.   

Position Requirements and Specifications The requirements for this position include:   Bachelor's degree in relevant biological field or equivalent combination of training and/or experience required. Animal care facility, farm, kennel, or equivalent animal experience required. Incumbent must possess an understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and the ability to work with live animals safely. Good interpersonal skills. The ability to interact in a courteous and professional manner. Knowledge of natural history, zoology, or animal husbandry preferred. Must be capable of dealing with emergencies calmly and efficiently.  Must learn and integrate information, knowledge, and direction quickly. Good decision-making skills. Must be alert and make sound independent judgments. Ability to perceive and act upon relevant changes in animal behaviors and conditions. 

Incumbent must have or acquire general knowledge about the Society, gain an understanding of the Society’s mission, and become familiar with and follow Society policies and procedures. Incumbent must develop proficiency in routines of assigned areas and specialized procedures as directed. Incumbent must demonstrate the ability to accurately perform job duties.  Must be reliable.   

Valid driver’s license required for Illinois residents within 90 days of hire; valid out-of-state license required for out-of-state residents. Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language fluently. Spanish fluency a plus, but not required.  

This is a full-time position with rotating shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings.   

Additional Information: The Chicago Zoological Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer – Minorities / Women / Veterans / Disabled. 

If interested in being considered for this opportunity, please visit the CZS Career Center to obtain more details about the position and to apply by submitting your profile.   Please visit our website at www.czs.org/careers. Please look for requisition number 1340BR. 


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