Mujeres de HACE is a women’s leadership program geared to empower high-potential Latina professionals, at manager level or above (OR those with potential seeking to obtain a manager level role or above), to succeed professionally and thrive personally by providing insight, access, and professional development in an effective manner: individualized, culturally relevant and via collaborative, mentoring, and powerful relationships that continue beyond completion of the program.


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Proven leadership skills and abilities
  • Defined career goals
  • Manager, director, VP level OR with potential to obtain these roles

Key Program Components

  • Mujeres de HACE Kick-Off & Orientation
  • Discovering Leadership Style & Strategic Planning
  • Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Building Effective Partnerships & Networks
  • Utilizing Financial Planning Tips & Tools
  • Achieving Optimal Work - Life Balance
  • Practicing Negotiation & Influence
  • Delivery & Execution
  • Graduation

Participant Benefits

  • Broaden and deepen your professional network locally and nationally
  • Build empowering and motivating relationships
  • Become deeply engaged in the community
  • Connect with a mentor upon program completion (NEW)
  • Access Mujeres de HACE Alumni network
  • Develop a personal career plan
  • Discount to HACE Leadership Academy
  • Individualized Assessment and Executive Coaching
  • Culturally Relevant and Applicable Curriculum Powerful and Strategic Relationships

Employer Benefits

  • Increased engagement and retention from participants
  • Improved employee productivity and results
  • Access to influential and senior-level Latina professionals

Program Impact

  • 40% of program participants report a promotion within six months of completing program
  • 40% report a salary increase within six months of completing program
  • 80% report serving on non-profit board or volunteering after program
  • 100% would recommend program to a colleague




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HACE Leadership Academy Program Series:
Clarity, Culture, & Communication: The Effective Manager 

The HACE Leadership Academy is a dynamic and intensive Action Learning Experience that will transform high-potential Latino professionals into high-performing leaders, by developing the skills necessary to promote immediate and sustainable results for themselves and organizations they serve. The program is designed to address the unique cultural values and challenges. Participants will develop their leadership vision by gaining clarity about their values, and beliefs, enhance assertive communication, learn to strategically manage their time more effectively. The program will enhance their influence to lead teams. During the program participants will deliver effective presentations in front of small and large groups.  Participants will be exposed to individual executive coaching based on their own Leadership Discovery Insights Profile Assessment. Additionally, they will work in a team environment to leverage collaboration while conducting research in their assigned project. The program content is based on experiential activities, real-life examples, one-on one coaching, team activities, and creative research techniques.


Supervisors and newly promoted managers will benefit from this program by assessing, reflecting, and sharing their own individual capabilities, preferences, and challenges.  Minimum 3-5 years of experience required. 

  • Contributors, managers, directors and vice presidents
  • Working knowledge of basic business/organizational management
  • Responsible for driving team, business unit or cross-functional results
  • At minimum, a college graduate or equivalent work experience
  • At least 3-5 years of work experience

Key Program Components

Our blended leadership development experience integrates:

  • Access to various senior executives that will share their expertise at each session
  • Interactive training sessions that capture best practices and shared learning
  • Exclusive access to alumni hosted roundtable discussions
  • A robust leadership framework based on sound instructional design and practical application
  • Essential leadership tools and practices that can and will be put to immediate use
  • Application of tools and techniques to an Impact Project relevant to participating organizations: corporate business and civic engagement
  • A personalized leadership assessment through the Discovery Insights Profile
  • One-on-one Executive Coaching by HACE Certified Executive Coaches to develop performance action plan
  • Peer-to-peer Coaching and facilitated project check-ins and Web-based learning through social media channels, webinars and online content



Session I

Personal Mastery:  participants will reflect on their values and beliefs to develop a compelling leadership vision that will guide their actions when leading themselves and their teams.

Session II

Leadership Effectiveness: participants will use their Leadership Insights Profilor Assess to maximize their leadership capabilities and how these manifests themselves: results leadership, visionary leadership, relationship leadership, centered leadership.

Session III

Assertive and Strategic Communication: participants will learn techniques to manage their verbal and written communication.

Session IV

Meeting Management and Presentation Skills:   participants will use their learning on their own leadership style to lead themselves and teams effectively. They will also gain insight on how to lead a diverse team effectively.

 Session V

Building Trust and Managing Change: participants will gain additional insight in the importance of building trust to nurture relationships to achieve sustainable results, and effectively manage change.

Session VI

Managing Time and Influence: participants will learn effective tactics to be a more effective leader by managing their time and influencing others to gain their buy-in.

 Session VII

Leading vs. Managing: participants will discuss the difference between leading and managing, and will gain additional knowledge and perspective about the implications of being a leader.

Session VIII

Conflict Management: by leveraging theirs and others’ strengths participants will practice managing up and effectively handling conflict. They will also learn a simplified problem-solving model which is transferrable to solve challenges at their workplace.

  Session IX

Strategic Planning: participants will use the SWOT analysis to develop a strategic business plan including contingency planning. They will discuss the benefits of effective delegation and will practice feedback techniques.

Session X

Team Presentation and Graduation: each team will present their project and hold a Q&A session. All stakeholders, sponsors and participants are recognized and the HACE Leadership Academy graduation is conducted.


Participant Benefits

  • Broaden and deepen your professional network locally and nationally
  • Build empowering and motivating relationships
  • Develop essential leadership tools
  • Learn best business practices for managing and engaging with teams
  • Become deeply engaged in the community
  • Connect with a mentor upon program completion
  • Access to the Leadership Academy Alumni network
  • Discount to other HACE programs
  • Individualized Assessment and Executive Coaching

Employer Benefits

  • Deliver higher quality results faster
  • Establish procedures that drive efficiencies
  • Engage employees and satisfy customers/constituents; and
  • Enhance talent management and succession planning efforts

Program Impact

  • 100% gained greater confidence and motivation to reach professional goals
  • 100% have a better understanding on how to think and act strategically
  • 100% report higher quality results at work
  • 95% report serving on non-profit board and understand the value of civic engagement
  • 75% report increased visibility in their workplace



HACE's university programs offer students access to HACE’s large network of employer partners and professional members by providing insight, access, and professional development opportunities in a manner that is unique and critical to their collegiate leadership and success. Programs include the University Leadership Academy, Career Shadow Day, Recruitment Night and local student leadership opportunities.

Join our network and take advantage of the resources HACE has to offer, including:


HACE’s University Leadership Academy provides students with personal and career development through access to HACE’s young professional network, career coaches, speakers and corporate partners. HACE’s program empowers students to not only continue their education and complete their Bachelor’s degree, but also provides an array of mentors and support for them to succeed after graduation. The program includes 12 expert led sessions, including personal branding, emotional intelligence, interviewing skills, networking and negotiations.


Explore a career in your field of interest! During Shadow Day, HACE students are invited to spend the day with a professional and learn more about their career and industry! Over 25 companies participate in Shadow Day each year!


HACE works to prepare college students for some of the best fast track jobs offered by America's leading companies and employers. Networking events, professional speaker panels and other events you host bring professionals to your campus with many opportunities. Through our recruitment events leading companies invite students for special company open houses or recruitment programs that are targeted to Latino students.


Give back through our El Futuro program! Help prepare high school students for college and the workforce. Be a leader and a role model in the community.



El Futuro is a career development project for high school students meant to help them achieve better college entrance and completion rates by improving their prospects for fulfilling careers.

Through the program students will gain a better understanding of their options for life after high school, including both higher education and entry into the workforce. Students will improve their interviewing and networking skills, build professional employment networks, and learn how to effectively approach potential employers and universities.

To provide students with career exposure, HACE engages local corporate partners to provide presentations, skill-building sessions, site visits, job shadowing, coaching and internship opportunities for students.


Professional Speaker Series

Company partners and members of HACE volunteer time with students during their class time and share experiences and advice about careers and higher education.

College Preparation Week

Students are invited to visit various colleges and workshops to learn more about dorm life, financial aid, the application process and scholarships.

Career Development Curriculum

Members of HACE’s Collegiate Chapters teach a career development curriculum constructed through a partnership with Junior Achievement. Curriculum includes resume building, networking skills, and a day long conference event where students practice the skills gained through program.



The program is a cohort-based professional and leadership development initiative for Latino-serving non-profit professionals. Through this program, HACE intends to increase the competencies and skills of emerging non-profit professional leaders that are committed to serving Latino and diverse communities, help build the capacity of Latino-serving nonprofits to develop and sustain talent and leadership pipelines, and establish powerful local networks of non-profit professionals that can support one another, their organizations, and the communities they serve.

Participant Profile

  • Managers or Directors with 3-5 years of experience working for a Latino-serving non-profit or 5-7 years of combine experience through volunteerism, board service, or related career
  • Manage or supervise staff
  • Have decision-making responsibilities
  • Have direct input on organizational or programmatic strategies
  • Have an expressed interest and commitment to serving in a leadership role
  • Have support of current non-profit employer

Key Program Components

  • Cohort-based training program
  • Eight, three-hour sessions focused on Working Towards Impact, Non-Profit Management, Resource Development and Sustainability.
  • Individual Assessments/Self-Discovery – 360-Degree Assessment & Insights Discovery Individualized Coaching & Action Planning – A five year plan to meet professional and personal goals
  • Nonprofit Impact Project
  • Mentorship opportunities with non-profit leaders and executives
  • Access to peer networks
  • Opportunities to serve on Boards, committees, advisory groups
  • Post-program engagement

Participant Benefits

  • Increased competencies and skills related to management and leadership techniques.
  • Acquire and utilize new skills
  • Understand individual team member behaviors, preferences and styles
  • Able to adapt to preferences and styles to improve working relationships and outcomes
  • Recognize performance on ongoing basis
  • Effectively leading by example
  • Effectively communicate with their respective teams

Employer Benefits

  • Increased retention of managers and directors at participating nonprofits
  • Build empowering and motivating relationships
  • Increased advancement of managers and directors
  • Increased performance, based on management skills, leadership abilities, and production
  • Improved practices and systems to monitor and improve leadership development
  • Expanded network of Latino non-profit professionals
  • Increased local capacity for the development of Latino nonprofit professionals
  • Increase their understanding of career path
2018 Spring Program Dates & Locations
Time: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Location: United Way of Greater Houston, 50 Waugh Drive Houston, TX 77007
Session Dates: March 13, March 22, April 5, April 12, May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24
Time: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Location: National Louis University, 122 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60603
Session Dates: March 15, March 22, April 5, April 12, May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24