Student Services



Whether you are in college or high school, HACE has programs and

resources that can be helpful to you. Although we have more presence

at our partner colleges, our website provides information to all

undergraduates-including scholarship opportunities and referrals!


Our Resource Center for high school students has great information on

what you need to know to get to college and how to pay for tuition.

And as usual, HACE provides plenty of career guidance too!


El Futuro, a high school development program, is designed to help

identify students' interests and develop their skills so that they can be

a part of our global workforce in the near future. El Futuro exposes

students to a variety of career paths so they can make great choices 

about college and career.



Through the University Leadership Network, HACE offers a variety

of leadership and personal development programs on select college 

campuses specifically geared toward Latino leaders and academic

achievers. Our strategic programs help students understand what

is necessary for achieving success,regardless of field choice.


For questions regarding

HACE's El Futuro program or

our College Leadership Chapters,

please contact:


Vanessa Valentin




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